Help Your Kids Look Their Best With Back-to-School Checkups

New clothes. New haircuts. New school supplies. New sports gear. You’ve got it all together to prepare your kids for a great school year! Give your kids an extra boost of confidence in their appearance with back-to-school checkups at Park Place Dental.

Your kids will have a clean bill of oral health and a shiny smile. We’ll:

  • Examine their teeth with digital X-rays and an electronic cavity detector, leaving no stone unturned
  • Perform a visual exam of your children’s teeth, gums, jawbone, TMJ, and oral cavity
  • Clean every tooth surface, then polish them when we’re done
  • Provide extra decay protection with fluoride varnish or sealants
  • Teach them best oral hygiene techniques for home
  • Discuss any issues such as bad breath or nutrition
  • Recommend any needed treatment, such as tooth-colored fillings, braces, Invisalign for older teens, or wisdom teeth removal

Families without insurance love our in-house membership plan, which includes routine checkups. Our child membership is just $31/month. Of course, we work with many insurance carriers.

Book your kids’ back-to-school checkups in Petaluma – and your own checkups – today. Call us at 707-210-0304 or schedule online.

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