Get Straight Teeth in Less Time & With More Convenience

There is no doubt that old-school braces get the job done. However, patients who take this traditional route usually report frustration with the unpleasant process of wearing metal braces for two or more years. Nobody has time for that! As an alternative solution, Invisalign clear aligners allow you or your teen to move teeth faster and without all the hassles. Before you even begin your treatment, we’ll plan all the steps needed to give you great results.

This modern system offers many “clear” benefits, such as:

  • Discreet Treatment – Our nearly invisible aligner trays allow you to fly under the radar with your orthodontics. No one at the office will ever know!
  • A Pleasant Process – You’ll change your Invisalign aligners for a new set in the series every few weeks. There won’t be any painful in-office adjustments, which also saves you time.
  • No Lifestyle Changes – You’ll take the aligners out for eating. You won’t have to change your diet or carry special tools for cleaning. You can maintain your current lifestyle.
  • Comfortable Trays – The orthodontic aligner trays are made from smooth plastic. You won’t have uncomfortable wires and brackets in your mouth.
  • Fast Results – Depending on your situation, Invisalign should take about 12 months to straighten teeth. Some of our patients have completed treatment even faster.

You will visit us for a thorough smile assessment. If Dr. Jones decides that you are a good candidate for the Invisalign program, we will use our iTero scanner to get detailed dental impressions. Unlike traditional impressions, there is no messy goo. We send the information to a special lab where a series of aligners is created. Each set of orthodontic aligners is designed to shift your smile one step at a time.

Roughly every six weeks, you will visit Dr. Jones for progress checkups. Otherwise, you will run the process on your own at home. The treatment time varies from patient to patient, but you could be done in only about a year. That is a shorter timeline than you can expect from conventional orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Jones will apply his decades of experience to your individual case. The sooner you get started on the work involved in your transformation, the sooner you’ll get to enjoy the results!

Combine Invisalign Treatment With Other Services for a Full Makeover

You don’t have to put up with a less-than-perfect smile. While orthodontics will solve many of your bothersome issues, you can combine it with other cosmetic treatments for complete smile makeover. You may consider:

  • Dental veneers or bonding to fix dental imperfections
  • Teeth whitening to professionally brighten your smile
  • Tooth contouring to address ragged or uneven edges

Call 707-210-0304 to request your consultation for Invisalign in Petaluma. You can also schedule online. Get your best smile yet! Ask about our membership club to get discounts on treatments.