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Look & Feel Great Thanks to Petaluma General Dentistry

Stats Image Only about 50% of adults go to the dentist 2x a year. Source.
There’s no better way to ensure that your smile stays in top shape than with our general dentistry in Petaluma. Dr. Michael Jones has treated his patients to top quality dental care for over 34 years! He has the skills required to keep you smiling confidently. He and our team provide treatment that will:

  • Catch and treat oral problems early on
  • Give you peace of mind about your smile health
  • Help you avoid more extensive dental work
  • Keep your smile looking attractive to you and others
  • Reduce your chances of cavities, infection, and tooth loss

Give yourself exceptional dental treatment by calling Park Place Dental today at 707-210-0304 to schedule your next visit. You’ll find us at 131 Lynch Creek Way, Suite A in Petaluma. For your convenience, we’re open as early as 8:30 a.m. and as late as 6:00 p.m.

Create a Healthy & Problem-Free Smile

Dr. Jones and our team recommend that you visit us regularly so that we can monitor your oral health. Early intervention for cavities or disease is critical in helping you maintain a healthy mouth and beautiful smile – and in keeping your dental care affordable. We offer you several general dentistry services designed to do just that:

  • Dental Cleanings and Exams – It is best to schedule a checkup twice a year. Our dental hygienist will thoroughly clean and polish each of your teeth, then look over your teeth and gums for problems. We’ll also check for cavities using an electronic cavity detector. Afterward, Dr. Jones will perform a complete dental exam to look for any signs of trouble. If needed, we’ll make recommendations for restorative dental care or other services so that your smile can stay intact.
  • Fluoride Treatments and Varnishes – When fluoride is applied directly to teeth, it strengthens tooth enamel by remineralizing it. The stronger enamel is, the harder it is for cavities to take hold. Fluoride can even reverse tooth decay when it’s still in the early stages.
  • Tooth Sealants – We can coat the biting surfaces of certain teeth with these thin layers of plastic. The result is a tough barrier that protects your teeth against disease-causing bacteria.

Call Park Place Dental at 707-210-0304 today to schedule an appointment for general dentistry in Petaluma, CA. You can also make an appointment online. Remember to ask our staff about our in-house membership club that saves your family money on dental care.

Common Questions About General Dentistry

What does general dentistry mean?

General dentistry refers to the services a dentist can do for you at a practice that is set up to handle all your basic preventive dental care for every stage of life. This includes six-month exams and cleanings, X-rays, and other services to keep your smile healthy, like dental sealants and fluoride varnishes. At our office, we can do all these and more.

What foods are healthy for my teeth?

Foods that are good for your body also tend to be good for your teeth. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and calcium-rich foods like cheese. With their high water and fiber content, some fruits and veggies work almost like a toothbrush to clean plaque from teeth. Nuts are a great snack, as they contain minerals that help strengthen tooth enamel and make it more resistant to cavities.

Why do I need general dentistry?

General dentistry focuses on preventive care designed to keep your smile as healthy as possible by stopping issues like cavities and gum disease. So if you want your smile to look and feel good, general dentistry is essential. Regular exams and cleanings are the cornerstone of preventive care. They allow our team to find potential problems in their earliest stages when they are easiest to treat.

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