Say Goodbye to an Uneven Smile

If you have teeth that are chipped, slightly uneven in length, too pointy, or misshapen, then teeth contouring may be just what your smile requires. For this fast treatment, Dr. Jones will:

  • Use precise handheld equipment and a skillful touch to smooth out imperfect teeth edges
  • Remove a small amount of tooth enamel to even out your teeth and help them appear more uniform

Don’t worry about pain – your enamel doesn’t contain any nerves, so your treatment will be completely comfortable. However, if you’re nervous about the procedure, we have oral conscious sedation that will help you relax. Just let us know beforehand, and be sure to arrange for a ride home after your appointment.

Just one visit is usually needed for this treatment. Plus, unlike some other cosmetic services, this will never need to be repeated. Your beautiful results are permanent.

If your gums overshadow your teeth when you smile, Dr. Jones can also remove excess gum tissue. This will make your teeth appear longer and give you a more attractive ratio between your teeth and gums. A gum reshaping treatment can also make it easier to receive restorations like crowns or veneers.

If your smile lacks balance, teeth contouring in Petaluma may do the trick. Call Park Place Dental today at 707-210-0304 to schedule your appointment, or schedule online.