Feel Totally at Ease With Our Sedation Options in Petaluma

With the right dentist and the right sedation options in Petaluma, getting your dental care completed can be a pleasant experience. Dr. Michael Jones is an experienced dentist who has provided his patients relaxing care for over 34 years. Paired with dental sedation, his skill will allow you to:

  • Receive high-quality dental care
  • Keep your smile attractive and your mouth healthy
  • Reduce your anxiety about future dental visits
  • Catch and treat small problems before they worsen
  • Undergo multiple treatments in one visit, to save time

Get the great dental care you deserve by calling Park Place Dental at 707-210-0304 today. Talk to us about our sedation dentistry during a consultation. You’ll know what to expect before you commit to treatment!

Experience Relaxing Care With Our Trustworthy Team

It’s natural to be a little anxious about coming to the dentist. In fact, surveys show that most people experience at least some dental anxiety at the thought of having their teeth worked on. You don’t need to worry, however. Our team is specially trained to help you through your anxiety so you can receive relaxing and pleasant dental care.

We’ll take all the time needed to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable. Plus, our office features semi-private patient care rooms with pillows, blankets, and headphones to help you relax. In addition, we offer you dental sedation to help alleviate any fear you’re experiencing. Here’s what to expect with oral sedation:

  • Dr. Jones will prescribe a small, FDA-approved pill for you to take as directed approximately one hour before your appointment.
  • By the time you’re seated in our chair, you’ll feel complete relaxation.
  • The pill’s effects will take several hours to wear off, so you’ll need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

If anxiety has kept you from getting dental care, call Park Place Dental today at 707-210-0304 to find out more about our dental sedation options in Petaluma. For your convenience, you can also schedule online. Be sure to ask about our membership club for savings on treatment!