4 Ways to Save on Dental Care

If you’re watching your budget, you may be tempted to skip dentist appointments. This can end up costing more in the long run, though, if you develop problems that require restorative care. To avoid this, you’ll find several ways to save on dental care at Park Place Dental.

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Join Our Membership Club

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With our Park Place Dental Membership Club, you simply pay a low monthly fee that covers the cost of preventive care including exams and cleanings. You’ll also receive a 15 percent discount on most other treatments. Unlike insurance, you don’t have to worry about hassles like benefit limits or waiting periods. You’ll find membership options for adults, children, and adults receiving periodontal treatment.

Save $500 in Invisalign Treatment

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We don’t want you to put off orthodontic treatment because you’re worried about cost. You can come see us for a free Invisalign consultation, complete with digital scan. If you sign up for treatment that day, you’ll save $500. Not only that, but you’ll receive free whitening too!

Get Regular Exams and Cleanings

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Keeping a regular schedule of exams and cleanings is the best way to avoid potentially costly problems like cavities, gum disease, and infection. If you’ve been skipping regular exams due to a lack of insurance, join our membership club.It’s make it easy to budget for preventive care!

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