Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner With Implants in Petaluma

There’s something special about Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s the purpose of the holiday, to reflect on what we have and what we can be thankful for. Maybe it’s breaking bread with loved ones. Maybe it’s a combination of the two. 

But bread might be one of the only things you can enjoy if you’re missing teeth. Implants in Petaluma, however, can make your Thanksgiving dinner one where you focus on time with family, not your dental limitations.

Dr. Jones places dental implants under your gums, where they bond with your bone. That strong support system is what allows the replacement teeth attached to the implants to restore your biting strength. It’s as close as you can get to natural teeth.

So indulge in the pecan pie (without removing the pecans), laugh with your grandkids, yell at the football game, and smile wide for the family photo. To find out more about the benefits of implants in Petaluma, call us at 707-210-0304 or Schedule Online a free consult online.

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